New Zealand Grandparents Day is coming....

Surrogate Grandparents New Zealand Charitable Trust are delighted to announce that we will be launching New Zealand’s Inaugural Grandparents Day to honour and acknowledge all our Grandparents and Seniors in New Zealand.

The day, in line with Australia’s celebration, is set for Sunday 28th October 2018. Further details, a new website and information on how YOU can get involved and #DoSomethingGrandNZ will be coming soon….

How it all works...

We've had a number of people asking us exactly how the Surrogate Grandparents service works, so we thought we had better put it down in writing to give you a better idea.

Step 1 - Send in your registration form that is online here

Step 2 - Complete the Police Vetting form here along with a copy of your photo ID (Driving licence or passport preferred) and send it to

Step 3 - Make your Lifetime membership payment to our bank account. Membership prices are as follows:

Family Basic Membership (visiting at rest homes only): $39.00

Family Basic (Community Services Card): $29.00 - please supply photo of your card.

Family Active Membership: $79.00 

Family Active membership (Community Services Card): $59.00

(Family Active Membership is more for Families and Grandies who want to "get out there', people who want to have some fun, get out and explore, visit beaches, family trips, do all sorts of fun stuff both out of the house and in - the relationship very much depends on the individuals involved but could be the sort of things that many families do together to support and spend time with each other) 

Please transfer your membership fee to: 

Surrogate Grandparents New Zealand Charitable Trust

Kiwibank: 38-9019-0393298-00

If you would prefer to pay by credit card we can send you the Paypal link, but there will be an additional fee to cover administration charges. Do let me know if you would prefer to do this.

If you are a Grandparent wanting to volunteer to Grandparent a family, the membership is FREE, however we would be very grateful for a donation of $10 per adult to cover the cost of the police check. You donation can be made here.

Step 4 - We will then submit your police vetting application and start to compile a profile for you from your registration information.

Step 5 - Once we receive your police clearance  (this can take 4 - 6 weeks) we will then promote you (anonymously) on our website & social media as well as in your local area to find you a suitable match. If we have someone already in your area we will contact them to see if they would be interested in meeting with you.

Step 6 - Both parties will be provided with some Guidance information regarding meeting up with a local family or Grandie.

Step 7 - Once you decide that you would like to meet, our office or your local volunteer will arrange a meeting with you both..

Step 8 - A meeting takes place at a mutually convenient public place, we suggest a cafe environment!

Step 9 - If you decide that you would like to get to know the family/Grandie that you have met with, it is then up to you to arrange this (we can be involved again if you wish).

Step 10 - If you decide that you do not have the connection that you would like with the family or Grandie(s) that you met,  please do be honest and do let us know asap so that we can continue looking for you .

Step 11 - If, however you get on like a house on fire (which we sincerely hope you do!), do also let us know, tell us stories, send in photos and rave about what you are getting upto! We can then direct our search to other families and Grandies who still need to find a match.. 

The relationship you have with your family or Grandie is a very personal one, and we urge that you use your intuition and common sense in this relationship, as with any other in your life. Your Guidance Notes will give you some Do's and Don'ts, but ultimately we should all treat each other with kindness and respect, and accept that this is a relationship of give and take and one that we hope will bring long lasting friendships and family bonds. The ideal being that you become like one big family!

I hope that clears it up for you! Feel free to ask any further questions if you wish...

Much love, Jo xox

New Membership & Pricing Structures


We've received a LOT of feedback over the last few weeks since launching our new website and the PledgeMe campaign regarding the cost of membership for our service. Now we would truly love for this to be a service that we could offer to you all for FREE, however at this stage in our development it is not something that we are able to do.

Just to give you an example the cost of a Police Check (until we get our Charitable Status) is $8.50 + GST per person, plus all the other expenses of marketing, running a website, offices expenses, and that doesn't even include my time!

So we have reviewed things and made a number of changes which I hope will make a difference to you. We will now have different levels of membership (as well as offering a further discount to those with Community Services/Super Gold Cards). Also, grandparent (grandie) memberships are now FREE!

Memberships include: 

Standard Lifetime Membership: $39.00

CSC Basic: $29.00

Standard Lifetime Membership will offer families the connection with a Grandie residing in a local rest home, it will include:

- a Police check for two adult members of your family.

- access to regional social events and meetups.

Please Note: The Grandie residing in a rest home is unlikely to be police checked, but of course they will be supervised during your visits.


Active Lifetime Membership: $79.00

CSC Active: $59.00

Active Lifetime Membership will offer families the connection with a Grandie who is more actively involved with your family. It will include the above, plus

 - one 12 month Verisafe subscription for you (worth $144.00).

Note: Grandparent (grandie) memberships are now FREE!


ALL applicants will need to:

- complete the registration form available here.

- complete a police check vetting form for all adults that will be involved in the visits/programme

- provide us with two personal referees (not family members)

- meet with a Regional Co-ordinator (or in their absence have a phone/skype conversation with us)

- pay the membership fee (excluding grandparents).

Sign up here!

Live date confirmed for PledgeMe Campaign!

We are excited to announce that we now have a live date for our PledgeMe Campaign 'Grab a Grandie - share you family!' We go live on Tuesday the 27th of June! 

Now we just need to get the word out...

We are using Thunderclap to help spread the word about 'Grab a Grandie' on PledgeMe.

What is Thunderclap? 

Thunderclap is a platform that spreads messages across social platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.) all at the same time.

What you can do?

Donate your social voice by using either your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account to help spread the word about the launch of 'Grab a Grandie!' It takes less than 2 minutes! Share 'Grab a Grandie' by clicking the link below: 

Spread the word about 'Grab a Grandie!'


We WON the AMI Community Fund

We are so happy to announce we were the proud winners of the AMI Community Fund.

It was so, so close and just on the very last day we managed to sneak ahead by 0.3% and luckily stayed that way until the closing. I would like to thank Neighbourly and AMI Insurance so much for their generosity and support for Surrogate Grandparents - New Zealand. And of course for all of you who took the time to vote and enable us to be awarded $3000.

The money will be used to pay for the lawyers fees so we can progress with becoming a formal Charitable Trust and will go towards our new website as well.

Thank you.

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